Perane & Co trade with a professionalism which we believe other tracing companies should match.

Here is our personal charter, which we always adhere to:

  • We keep things clear for customers at every single stage of the process.
  • We are open and transparent about the process and our costs.
  • We are dedicated to diligence, care and customer compassion.
  • We distribute the legacy correctly to relatives according to the Administration of Estates Act 1925.
  • We are determined to act with integrity for the benefit of our customers and the reputation of our company and industry.
  • WE HELP:
  • INDIVIDUALS - To recover lost family inheritance
  • FAMILIES - To distribute inheritance correctly amongst those who are entitled
  • PUBLIC SECTOR - To administer intestate estates and help to recover costs
  • PROBATE PROFESSIONALS - To help with all aspects of estate administration