Perane & Co are experienced Inheritance Recovery Specialists 

When someone dies without a will, also known as ‘intestate’, the law takes charge of deciding who will inherit that estate.

The problem with this system is that it doesn't take into account the thousands of people who are entitled but don’t realise they are owed money from a family inheritance.

Perane & Co are offering a solution. We trace, research and release a portion of the estimated 13,500 unclaimed inheritances to individuals and families who are entitled.

Our ultimate goal is to reunite people with the inheritance that is rightly theirs.

Not only do we research and administer Bona Vacantia estates published by the Government Legal Department and QLTR (Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer), we also work closely with councils and other public sector services offering a range of options to help organisations process these unclaimed estates.

  • WE HELP:
  • INDIVIDUALS - To recover lost family inheritance
  • FAMILIES - To distribute inheritance correctly amongst those who are entitled
  • PUBLIC SECTOR - To administer intestate estates and help to recover costs
  • PROBATE PROFESSIONALS - To help with all aspects of estate administration