Our Services

Tracing entitled beneficiaries to estates published on the Bona Vacantia list and QLTR list in Scotland - we do all the relevant research and paperwork to retrieve money for estates once we have been instructed to act on your behalf. We’ll do the hard work, carrying out all the technical and legal processes for you. We then send a payment to all the relevant beneficiaries after the administration is complete and all entitled beneficiaries have been found and contacted.

Missing beneficiaries – our researchers use various search tools to conduct a thorough search to locate individuals who are missing beneficiaries to estates. Whilst completing this service within the timescale that you require, we are also able to provide the supporting documentation and a comprehensive report to support our findings.

Family Tree Verification – we understand the importance of ensuring that the correct people receive their entitled inheritance. Using our expert researchers, we can thoroughly check a family tree to provide you or your client with a family tree that can be relied upon when distributing estate funds.

Obtaining Documentation – we can obtain various documentation for the whole of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) including:

  • Birth, Marriage, Death and Adoption certificates
  • Copies of probate documents including Wills, Grants of Probate or Grants of Letters of Administration
  • Copies of Decrees Absolute
  • On request, we can provide you or your client with other documents not listed that you require

Please contact us if you require documentation from the Republic of Ireland and other overseas locations.

Financial Asset Search – using our sister company Inheritance Data, we provide a comprehensive search of Financial Institutions' databases for an individual's name, enabling a thorough trace of accounts and policies, to help prevent the growth of unclaimed assets. On completion of the search, we will provide you with a complete report of all institutions contacted and the outcome of the search.

Estate Distribution Guidance – we can produce an estate distribution report so that you can be confident that beneficiaries are receiving their correct inheritance prior to distributing the estate funds.

Estate Verification – if you have been appointed as the administrator of an intestate estate, we can verify the information you have including the family tree and estate distribution report prior to your distributing the estate to ensure that all correct beneficiaries have been identified and that no individuals with prior entitlement are missing. This will give you peace of mind that you will not be approached by an individual entitled to a share in the estate once you have distributed the estate funds.

To obtain a quote or find out more information, please contact one of our team.

Public Sector Service – to avoid referring an estate to the Government Legal Department as Bona Vacantia, our experienced researchers can locate the next of kin of an estate. Perane & Co Ltd would then be appointed by a legal heir to act as the administrator of the estate and distribute the estate according to the Laws of Intestacy. We pride ourselves on being able to locate heirs to an estate quickly, and we provide this service to councils and other public sector institutions free of charge at our own risk and expense. If we are unable to locate the next of kin, we will happily help you to refer the estate to the Government Legal Department.

If you are aware of next of kin of an estate but are unable to confirm their entitlement, we can provide you with a full report including a family tree and other documentation to confirm the genealogical link.

If there is no next of kin or estate, we will use our sister company Inheritance Data to locate any dormant or unclaimed assets and conduct a thorough search. By locating additional funds and the next of kin, we are enabling you to recover any costs incurred such as funeral costs.

Please contact our dedicated team for more information regarding this service.

Why Choose Us? 

  • We have a dedicated team of experienced researchers and estate administrators to ensure all legal heirs to intestate or unclaimed estate receive their rightful inheritance 
  • We will provide you with regular updates whilst working on your case 
  • We will appoint a dedicated case worker to your referral 
  • We will present you with a comprehensive report and all accompanying documentation 
  • We are able to conduct research all over the UK, including Scotland 
  • We keep things clear for customers at every single stage of the process 
  • We are open and transparent about the process and our costs 
  • We are dedicated to diligence, care and customer compassion 
  • We are determined to act with integrity for the benefit of our customers and the reputation of our company and industry 
  • We offer very competitive rates – contact one of our team for more information

  • WE HELP:
  • INDIVIDUALS - To recover lost family inheritance
  • FAMILIES - To distribute inheritance correctly amongst those who are entitled
  • PUBLIC SECTOR - To administer intestate estates and help to recover costs
  • PROBATE PROFESSIONALS - To help with all aspects of estate administration