Who We Are

Perane & Co are inheritance recovery specialists working to identify and trace missing beneficiaries and next of kin of unclaimed estates.

Perane works to trace beneficiaries and administer the estate so that the money is received by those that are entitled. 

Working from the GLD (Government Legal Department) and the Scottish QLTR lists (Queen's & Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer), we use multiple research methods to find every last penny for beneficiaries of an unclaimed inheritance.

We also work closely with councils and other public sector organisations offering a range of services to help them process these estates from tracing and verifying next of kin to completeing the administration of an estate. 

We operate a wide network of experienced genealogy researchers across the UK, including Scotland. They research family trees and other data records to find out if there are any descendants entitled to inheritance money.

  • WE HELP:
  • INDIVIDUALS - To recover lost family inheritance
  • FAMILIES - To distribute inheritance correctly amongst those who are entitled
  • PUBLIC SECTOR - To administer intestate estates and help to recover costs
  • PROBATE PROFESSIONALS - To help with all aspects of estate administration