Power of Attorney Asset Searching

Our innovative service is tailored to individuals and legal representatives who have been granted Power of Attorney or deputyship for somebody with reduced mental capacity. Our unique database allows us to aid the growing awareness of dementia in the UK by tracing assets for those who have inadvertently lost accounts, pensions, shares, etc and helping those who may have become unaware of where their finances lie. 

By contacting up to 200 financial institutions we offer a complete report, including the institutions that have responded and the individual that may hold an account or policy. This service is hugely beneficial to those that are taking on the legal responsibility of Power of Attorney and have an obligation to look after financial affairs.

To find out more about our Power of Attorney asset searching facility, please send us a message and give us a description of your situation. One of our representatives will be in contact and will be able to give you clarity about the best way to proceed.  

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