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Legacy location and repatriation

Working with beneficiaries, charities and executors Perane locates unclaimed / dormant assets held by financial institutions and repatriates the monies. We take care of all the paperwork and liaise with all parties to ensure that distribution of the estate is performed with the minimum of complication.

Probate Financial Asset Search

Using our sister company Inheritance Data, we provide a comprehensive search of financial institutions' databases for an individual's name, enabling a thorough trace of accounts and policies, to help prevent the growth of unclaimed assets. On completion of the search, we will provide you with a complete report of all institutions contacted and the outcome of the search. 

Obtaining Documentation

We can obtain various documentation for the whole of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) including:

  • Birth, Marriage, Death and Adoption certificates.

  • Copies of probate documents, including Wills, Grants of Probate or Grants of Letters of Administration.

  • Copies of Decrees Absolute.

  • On request, we can provide you or your client with any documents not listed that you require.


Please contact us if you require documentation from the Republic of Ireland and other overseas locations. 

Tracing beneficiaries to unclaimed estates

We will perform all the necessary research and paperwork to retrieve money for estates, once we have been instructed to act on your behalf. We’ll do the hard work, ensuring that the technical and legal processes are completed for you. We then send a payment to all the relevant beneficiaries after the administration is complete and all entitled beneficiaries have been found and contacted.